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That’s using your head! To boost your remote?

File under did you know: Remote keyless entry can be strengthened using your head. What do I mean? Try unlocking and locking your vehicle from a distance, using the keyless remote, then move away from the vehicle until you are out of range. Put the key fob up to your head and try it again. […]

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Walmart Now Carrying Transponder Keys

At a recent trip to Walmart I happened to stop by the automotive department and noticed that they are now carrying transponder keys. They didn’t appear to have a huge selection but I definitely saw Ford and Nissan keys which seemed to be priced at about $50 dollars. The keys they are using are clonable […]

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Program Transponder Keys Without Special Equipment

Most people don’t realize that Ford, Mazda and GM transponder keys can be programmed without a scan tool or a trip to the dealer. With Fords and Mazdas you will need to have two keys that are already programmed, GM’s require one key to be already programmed. The procedure for Mazdas and Fords is as […]

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