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Q and A With Your Local Friendly Locksmith

I am going to be starting a new Q and A series based on some of the emails I get throughout the week. I receive a lot of good questions through email and thought this would be a good way to share some of that information. Names and email address will be left out to […]

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Walmart Now Carrying Transponder Keys

At a recent trip to Walmart I happened to stop by the automotive department and noticed that they are now carrying transponder keys. They didn’t appear to have a huge selection but I definitely saw Ford and Nissan keys which seemed to be priced at about $50 dollars. The keys they are using are clonable […]

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Advanced Keyless Features for Ford Vehicles

Most newer Fords equipped with keyless entry are also coming with more advanced features such as smart locks, autolock, autounlock and the power door lock inhibit feature. Sounds great you say but what does all of that mean? In this post I will attempt to give an explanation for these features and at the end, […]

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