As a Locksmith, one of the most common failures of keyless remotes that I would come across is a broken housing. Over time, the stress from keeping your keys in your pocket or purse can weaken the plastic and eventually break it. Most commonly the key ring loop is the first to give. Remote head keys face a similar problem but they can also break where the key attaches to the remote, Lexus keys are notorious for this.

So what are you supposed to do with a broken remote key or remote housing? Luckily the housing or “shell” can usually be replaced at a substantial savings over replacing the remote itself. They are very easy swap out, it usually just involves unsnapping the old case and swapping over the transmitter into the new housing. You can shop for remote housings right here at, check out our homepage and enter your vehicle into the search bar plus “shell”. ie: Lexus Shell or Dodge Shell .

Not every vehicle will be listed but it’s worth it to search before having to replace the entire remote, especially in the case of the Lexus where the key shell is around 10 dollars and the cost to replace the entire key can be over 200 dollars!

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