That’s using your head! To boost your remote?

File under did you know: Remote keyless entry can be strengthened using your head. What do I mean? Try unlocking and locking your vehicle from a distance, using the keyless remote, then move away from the vehicle until you are out of range. Put the key fob up to your head and try it again. […]

Q and A With Your Local Friendly Locksmith

I am going to be starting a new Q and A series based on some of the emails I get throughout the week. I receive a lot of good questions through email and thought this would be a good way to share some of that information. Names and email address will be left out to […]

How to Know if a Remote Will Work For Your Vehicle

I see a lot of posts¬†around the internet of people wondering which remotes will work for their vehicles. For example, can you use a remote from a different year model if it’s for the same vehicle? I am going to give you a near fool proof method for determining this. On the back of every […]

Walmart Now Carrying Transponder Keys

At a recent trip to Walmart I happened to stop by the automotive department and noticed that they are now carrying transponder keys. They didn’t appear to have a huge selection but I definitely saw Ford and Nissan keys which seemed to be priced at about $50 dollars. The keys they are using are clonable […]

How to Replace The Battery in a Jaguar Flip Key

Jaguar flip key batteries can be tricky to replace, below is a detailed diagram with instructions for replacement. The text is also quoted below. “Key transmitter battery renewal When the battery needs renewal there will be a significant decrease in the effective range of the key transmitter. To renew the battery, follow the procedure below. […]

Advanced Keyless Features for Ford Vehicles

Most newer Fords equipped with keyless entry are also coming with more advanced features such as smart locks, autolock, autounlock and the power door lock inhibit feature. Sounds great you say but what does all of that mean? In this post I will attempt to give an explanation for these features and at the end, […]

What You Should Know Before Purchasing A New Keyless Entry Remote

Purchasing a keyless entry remote on eBay is a great way to save some money but there are a few things you should look out for before making your purchase, and some things you should know once you have received your new remote. 1. Verify that you will be able to program the remote yourself. […]

Program Transponder Keys Without Special Equipment

Most people don’t realize that Ford, Mazda and GM transponder keys can be programmed without a scan tool or a trip to the dealer. With Fords and Mazdas you will need to have two keys that are already programmed, GM’s require one key to be already programmed. The procedure for Mazdas and Fords is as […]

Revive Your Broken Remotes

As a Locksmith, one of the most common failures of keyless remotes that I would come across is a broken housing. Over time, the stress from keeping your keys in your pocket or purse can weaken the plastic and eventually break it. Most commonly the key ring loop is the first to give. Remote head […]

Are Dodge Durango Remotes Junk?

Why yes they are. I’m talking about Durango’s from 2004 – 2007, possibly 08’s too. The problem with these remote head keys is the battery terminal clip can very easily break away from the circuit board. It is unknown to me whether this is a problem with weak solder, cheap materials, or poor quality control […]

Crimestopper Remote Car Starter Reviews

Crimestopper remote car starter reviews are here! In our remote car starter reviews, we find links to customer reviews from Amazon then help you find the best price online ¬†by comparing the price for Crimestopper remote car starters from eBay, along with Amazon. Find reviews of many models of Crimestopper remote starters and car alarms […]

Python Remote Car Starter Reviews

We offer Python remote car starter reviews from users who have purchase a wide variety of Python car starters. Find a list of customer reviews for Python’s broad line of remote car starters and remote keyless entry kits. Our remote car starter reviews show Amazon reviews then help you find the best price online by […]