How to Program Acura Keyless Remotes

Are all Acuras the same?

All programming instructions for Acura models listed with have the exact same instructions. This might make us wonder why all programming instructions aren't the same for all vehicle models by the same maker.

Find replacement key fobs for Acura

Replacement keylessremotes come with programming instructions included.

Acura CL fobs

RSX fobs

Acura TL fobs

Programming instructions provided here apply to all Acura models including the MDX, CL, RL, RSX, TL and the The Acura TSX are all exactly the same.

All Acura programming instructions read as follows:
1. Insert the key into the ignition.
2. Turn the ignition to the RUN position (do not start the engine), with the fob in your left hand press the unlock button.
3. Turn the ignition OFF.
4. Repeat these steps two more times. (RUN, UNLOCK, OFF)
5. Turn the ignition to the RUN position, press unlock on the fob two times. The power door locks should cycle to indicate successful programming.
6. To program additional fobs, repeat the previous step.
7. Turn the ignition off to exit programming.

This is an overview and is intended for broad informational purposes, part of our overall desire to provide users with helpful programming instructions for keyless remotes.

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